From the ground up

Stem Designs ia a modern

Engineering Consultancy

based in Edinburgh, Scotland

What we can do for you

•  Load-bearing structures and frames

•  Hydraulic pumped systems

•  Machinery and mechanisms

•  Plastic / 3D printed parts

•  Sheet metal

•  Stress and strain analysis of parts and structures

•  Flow simulation with Computational Fluid Dynamics

•  Heat transfer analysis

•  Injection moulding simulation

•  Mathematical modelling of systems

 •  Problem analysis and computation

•  Feasibility studies and design reports

Why choose us

Comprehensive Design Philosophy

We believe that every good design is a tree rooted in first principles. This approach lets us break complicated problems down to the fundamentals and generate effective and innovative solutions.

Modern Methods

 Engineering design tools evolve over time. Today’s CAD software can simulate the physical reaity better than ever before. We believe using state-of-the-art methods and tools like 3D CAD, FEM, CFD, can give our clients an enormous advantage in terms of design quality, visualisation, flexibility and cost reduction.


Engineering design is a process, and effective communication is key to delivering value to our clients. We are keen to cooperate and implement feedback in every step of the process in order to converge on the best solution to the problem at hand.