STEM was started by Lukasz Adamczewski, MEng, who is a senior mechanical design engineer working in professional capacity in the UK since 2011. He has worked across different sectors of industry and has gained valuable knowledge and skills within the mechanical design field.

We are based in Scotland, with professional presence in Poland.


Hydrogen Technology

Detailed mechanical design of Hydrogen Refueling Stations, Hydrogen Generators, Hydrogen Compression and Storage Systems, and other Hydrogen Equipment.

Responsible for integration of system subcomponents, mechanical design of load bearing structures, enclosures and container systems, and hydraulic design of high-pressure pipework.

Oil & gas and Marine machinery

Mechanical design of heavy machinery components for oil and gas industries – firing line pipe handling equipment, lifting equipment, marine structures.

Hydraulic pumped systems

Detailed mechanical design of close to 100 standard wastewater and clean water pumping stations for commercial and domestic applications across Scotland, within Scottish Water MAF frameworks. Responsible for creating an automated design system for standard products, which involved Autodesk Inventor, Vault, Excel, iLogic and VB programming. Visualisations, videos and promotional marketing material was also created.
The above applies to Lukasz’s personal experience.

Production line process machinery

Detailed mechanical design of large-scale production line equipment for world-leading food and chemical companies. Comprehensive scope, including support structures, machinery, mechanisms, sheet metal and more. Production of visual promotional materials.

Energy projects

Hydraulic design of mini-hydro energy projects within Scottish Water frameworks across Scotland.

Mechanical design of large Power Transformers for electrical grids around the world.