We offer a comprehensive range
of Engineering Design services

Hydrogen & Renewables

Hydrogen is a clean carrier of energy. Over the past few years Hydrogen Technology has proven itself to be the best alternative to batteries in many fields. It finds applications in more and more areas, such as bus and transport fleets, solar energy or consumer cars.

It is our belief that Hydrogen has its place in a sustainable economy.

We have been working on Hydrogen Refueling Stations and Hydrogen Equipment with clients around the world (UK, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, China and more). We have wide experience in Hydrogen Systems Integration and structural mechanical design, within international standards for Hydrogen Technology. We look forward to designing your next Renewables project with you.

Mechanical Design

Whatever product, structure or machine you need designed – we can help. We produce 3D models and visualisations, as well as 2D detailed technical manufacturing drawings and accompanying documentation for your project, so that when we are finished, the product is ready to be built.

We have cross-sector experience in mechanical design, and are proficient in the following areas:

  • Load-bearing structures and frames – support structures, lifting frames, trusses, beams, brackets etc.
  • High and low pressure hydraulic systems (including hydrogen systems), pumping stations, rising mains, pipework
  • Machinery and mechanisms
  • Sheet metal structures
  • Plastic / 3D printed parts – consumer products, prototypes

We take advantage of a state-of-the-art 3D CAD package – Autodesk Inventor. The software offers our clients a number of benefits, including:

  • Clear and visually understandable design, which greatly enhances collaboration and lets us reach your desired solution quickly.
  • Great visualization capabilities – we can produce photo-realistic rendered photos or videos for your project, that you can use in presentation or for marketing purposes.
  • Flexible CAD format – we can easily work with projects coming from other CAD packages, like SolidWorks, Creo, Catia etc. We can also save our projects in universal formats, ready to be imported into any other CAD environment.

Finite Element Analysis

Today’s CAD software can simulate our physical reality better and easier than ever before. We are taking full advantage of this fact, and are employing structural strength analysis to validate our mechanical designs.

We believe our approach is substantially better than the conventional way, and offers you:

  • Peace of mind – Load bearing structures must withstand stress and deformation. Having a clear, visual strength analysis at hand, in addition to engineering calculations, serves to validate design choices and assure safety.
  • Cost optimization – FEM methods identify the areas where the design can be optimized in terms of amount or grade of material used, thus lowering the overall cost of the project.

We are using Autodesk Inventor’s embedded FEA and CFD capabilities, as well as Autodesk Nastran. This lets us carry out detailed simulations and analyses of a wide range of physical phenomena, like strength & strain analysis, fluid flow, thermal transfer, noise & vibration and more. We can present our results in the form of reports, images and videos.

Design Validation and Calculation

It is important that our designs have their reflection in engineering calculations, so that we can assure their feasibility and safety. We describe physical reality with analytical methods of physics, and build mathematical models of systems we analyse. This approach is used along with FEA methods to verify our design choices.

We also offer design validation as a stand-alone service, to help our clients verify their existing designs. We also conduct feasibility studies and compile reports.

Why choose us?

Solving your problems

Engineering design is a process, and effective communication is key to delivering value to our clients. Everyone has different needs and expectations. We understand this, and are keen to cooperate with you at every step of the way, so that we can deliver the best solutions to your specific problems.

Comprehensive Design Philosophy

We believe that every good design is rooted in first principles. This approach lets us break complicated problems down to the fundamentals and generate innovative and effective solutions.

Modern Methods

Engineering design tools evolve over time. We believe using state-of-the-art methods and tools like 3D CAD and FEM can give our clients an enormous advantage in terms of design quality, visualisation, flexibility and cost reduction.